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I’m a game developer currently residing in Los Angeles, originally from Virginia. It might sound cheesy, but I’ve wanted to make games (almost) my whole life. It was during elementary school that I chose my career and began learning to program using Visual Basic. I went to a science and technology-centric high school where I had the opportunity to take many more programming classes than are offered at most high schools. I then went on to get my B.S. in computer science from Caltech.

I love animals and have owned cats, snakes, a bird, a horse and a hedgehog. I currently have one cat who lives with me in California, and a horse and two cats in Virginia. Doesn’t my cat make an adorable taco? Om nom  nom.

In my free time I’m coming up with new ideas for games or practicing equestrian vaulting — gymnastics on horseback. I also like cooking and shopping. Even though my vocation is as a programmer, I’m also a creative person and enjoy game design, fashion design and sewing. I’ve designed and created all of my uniform for my vaulting performances.

My Myers-Briggs type is INTJ, and my Doolwind Programmer Personality is DHSB.




Adventure Time, Regular Show, Big Bang Theory, Four Weddings


The Last Unicorn, LotR, The Dark Knight, The Muppet Christmas Carol


Spyro, Animal Crossing, Sonic Adventure 2, Ragnarok Online, FF IX


Cooking, vaulting, sewing, gaming, shopping, gardening, traveling


Vegetarian, ice cream, potatoes, cheesy grits, cauliflower, macarons