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Pioneer Award Winner

11 Jan 2014, by Kelley in Blog

The winners of the Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge where announced, and I was bummed to see that I didn’t win. But the winning entries definitely put a lot of time into their projects, and most came from teams or companies so I didn’t feel too bad.

I figured that was it, but then I received an email saying I’d won the Pioneer Award. Since Intel ended up not giving out all of the big prizes, due to not enough applicants meeting the “threshold requirements,” they had created a new award for entries that were good but didn’t quite pass the threshold scores. It “recognizes┬áthe creativity and innovation of these individuals and their teams for building Perceptual Computing application demos that pushed the boundaries of human-computer interaction.”

So I’m a pioneer, or something. It’s great to be recognized for my work, even if it wasn’t one of the big prizes. And winning $1000 is awesome, too.

Check out the video of my entry, Purrceptual Pet, at the link below.