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You are standing in an open expanse of
cyberspace, west of the Internet.
There is a small website here.

I’m a software engineer and game programmer in Southern California. My expertise is in mobile game and app development, particularly applying new technologies to games in innovative ways. Much of my work falls into the fields of augmented reality, face tracking, gesture recognition and depth sensors, although I also like making traditional games. My passion is creating games and applications that are cutting-edge and unique while still being accessible and, most importantly, fun!

Currently I’m working at Art + Science Labs. I have a B.S. in Computer Science from the California Institute of Technology.


Programming mobile games and apps is my speciality. I’ve been the lead programmer on several projects.


I’ve created original concepts and drafted design documents both at work and for personal projects.


Working with and developing new technologies requires plenty of research and testing.


As a lead programmer I’ve managed small teams using SCRUM, maintaining backlogs and distributing tasks.

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