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29.04.2014 in

A new take on the classic game, Snake. Keep your plant alive by steering its roots around rocks and other roots. Get ready for when the roots split! Made over a weekend for Ludum Dare #29. The theme was Beneath the Surface, and was announced at…


01.11.2013 in

Just a simple snake game I made as an exercise in using OpenGL. Since most of my game development has been using a game engine I wanted to try making something from scratch. Of course I had to make it a bit unique, so I made it…

Gumdrop Game

01.11.2013 in

Let out your inner child with this physics puzzle game. Connect gumdrops with toothpicks to build your structure. Be careful, though, or it might topple over! This game is a work in progress and was creating using Unity 3D and C#. The idea came about…