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Hot Wheels Power Port™


June 01, 2013

Augmented Reality, Code, Games

ASL was hired by Mattel, Inc. to execute their vision of developing a mobile app that enhances the play experience of the Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister set. Mattel’s idea of using augmented reality was implemented to create a digital game with the physical toy. ASL also developed the digital artwork, working closely with Mattel designers.

The track set comes with a “glyph” that allows for the visualization of the augmented reality experience. This glyph unlocks the following features: Entering the World, Touch and Discover, Motion Detection, Nemesis Take Down and Action Capture. The physical car has to make a certain number of laps to defeat the nemesis.

An off-track experience is available, as well. The app will recognize the glyphs printed on the package of Hot Wheels mainline cars. Each glyph will display an AR experience that has Touch and Discover and Motion Detection. Free glyphs are also available on the Hot Wheels website.