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No. 2

30.04.2014 in

A color-matching puzzle game with poop. Drag your finger to connect poops of the same color to clear them. Longer chains earn you more points, and can even create special shiny, golden, or rainbow poops. I was the only programmer on this project, and completed…


29.04.2014 in

A new take on the classic game, Snake.┬áKeep your plant alive by steering its roots around rocks and other roots. Get ready for when the roots split! Made over a weekend for Ludum Dare #29. The theme was Beneath the Surface, and was announced at…

Purrceptual Pet

01.11.2013 in

Purrceptual Pet was selected as a finalist for the Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge. You interact with a virtual pet using hand gestures and voice commands. The design and development was all done by myself. I used the hand data from the Intel Perceptual Computing SDK…

Depth Dealer

01.11.2013 in

Depth Dealer was selected as a finalist for the Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge. We created a game where you use hand gestures to control a barbarian battling swarms of skeletons. I integrated the Intel Perceptual Computing SDK and created custom gestures for the game to…


01.11.2013 in

GraviNavi is a physics-based puzzle game I designed. The objective of the game is to strategically place different aliens and use their gravitational pull to steer your ship back to the space station. GraviNavi was originally designed as part of a game design course, but…

Gumdrop Game

01.11.2013 in

Let out your inner child with this physics puzzle game. Connect gumdrops with toothpicks to build your structure. Be careful, though, or it might topple over! This game is a work in progress and was creating using Unity 3D and C#. The idea came about…

The Element

01.11.2013 in

I created this Neverwinter Nights mod as part of a game design course. It is a puzzle platformer where you solve puzzles by using your elemental powers to progress through the maze-like maps. Collect all of the elementals to restore life to the dying world….